This story happened about 10-15 years ago, and has a very close relation on the subject exercise to reduce your weight. For privacy reasons my friend wants to remain anonymous which of course is his/her good right. And for ease I will call him Joe. In fact I have known Joe from when I was very, young. So young I can’t even remember which age I was when my grandfather introduced him to me. Anyway Joe has been a friend from our family for decades. And at one certain point when I reached the age of 21, Joe had worked himself into a financial disaster, lost his job, lost his home and ended up living by a ‘so called vriend’, right. From there on everything went from bad to worse, because of the financial debts Joe lost the will to work and ended up on the sofa behind the telly. And it didn’t take long before had grown himself a round belly from his lazy life, and a bottoming self esteem.

When I heard from my parents what happened to Joe, I jumped in my car traveled for 2 hours by car to go and see Joe. I offered him a job to work in the sign making company, outside, hard physical work. Joe started to eat normal balanced meals 3 a day, instead fast food and slowly his normal daily routine returned to normal. All these aspect made Joe lose his weight from 220Lbs/110Kg back to a normal middle aged man of 160Lbs/80Kg in a couple of months.

Now I understand that this story doesn’t mean anything to you, Joe made 8-10hr workdays of heavy labour, and I certainly wouldn’t expect you to do such a thing. However it does points out that with the proper exercise, balanced meals and a good instructor to motivate you, it’s definitely possible to achieve your goals. No doubts there!

To reduce your belly, lose weight or any abonimal fat for that matter is all about burning calories, but what is the best way to achieve that?

Knowing a couple of basics on which musscle group to use and what to eat, can result in decent weight loss. That’s why swimming is definatly the number 1 exercise you can do, because while you swim you almost if not use all your muscles with a crawl. Ofcourse as most people know I do not have a medical PHD, however this is just useing your common sence right.
On the other hand who wants to go to the pool on a daily bases? Wait, i don’t even know if you can swim in that case you’ll practicaly are forced to head to the gym todo your daily exercises, and i definatly can understand you wouldn’t, I wouldn’t either.

But a 15 minute exercise a day doesn’t sounds bad at all, especially if you don’t realy need expensive equipment to do that.

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