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What are Video Splitters? A video splitter is a device that will replie one video signal over multiple monitors. The nuer of ports on the splitter will determine how many times the signal will be divided and then how many different monitors the signal will be distributed to.

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Checkout live examples of Digital Signage presentations. The SignagePlayer can run everywhere, on Android, Windows, Mac, iPad and even inside your web browser. View More. product pricing. Find out why people call us “the world’s most popular digital signage platform”. View More.

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HDMI Splitter. Enables you to display the same image and audio from one HDMI source to multiple HDMI LCDs or TVs. HDMI Extender. HDMI Extender Is designed to transmit HDMI video signals up to 330ft away from the HDMI Video source. HDMI Matrix Switch. Displays video from multiple HDMI Video sources to multiple HDMI LCDs, or TVs. Deal of the week

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Digital Signage Video Splitters - All You Need To Know About Them When deciding to go digital, you will want to consider what type of splitter works best for your business. Understanding the main differences in VGA, HDMI, and 5 splitters allow you to …

Digital Signage Video Splitters - All You Need To Know

Video Splitters, Cost Effective. The digital signage video splitters are necessary for the proper functioning of cloned content across multiple screens. We are going to explore the diverse types that are available for your use and how to go about using them well. But first off, let''s get in with the official technical definition of the video splitter.

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Even though multiple screens make up the display, content can be used either separately across each monitor, or as one big picture, by splitting content across individual screens. Why use a digital signage video wall? Video walls are often used in digital signage when the user wants to create a larger display.


for digital signage appliions requiring audio video signals routed from one-to-many and many-to-many. 39973 2x2 UXGA Video Matrix Switch with 3.5mm Audio 39974 4x4 UXGA Video Matrix Switch with 3.5mm Audio 40973 ®3x5 Component Video + Stereo Audio + TOSLINK Digital Audio Matrix Selector Switch 40011 4 x 2 HDMI Matrix Selector Switch

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The Splitter allows one HDMI devices to be split into two HDMI compatible monitors or projectors. The Splitter can also be placed at the end of a long HDMI cable to regenerate the HDMI signal. Our devices offers solutions for noise, space and security concerns, data center control, information distribution, conference room presentation,school and corporate training environments.

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This type of cable is typically used with a specialized video card. Using a Y-cable to split a digital signal is not recommended. Splitting a digital signal with a Y-cable introduces enough loss into the signal that there result will like be no image displayed on the monitor. For longer cable lengths an active signal splitter is recommended.

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The HDMI Splitter allows users to split one single HDMI video/audio source to 2/4 HDTV displays. The HDMI sources could be HD DVD players, HD set top boxes, HD satellite or other HDTV devices with an HDMI output. The HDMI splitters supports both HDMI video and HDMI audio. Optionally available are IR Remote Controller / Wired Remote Controller.

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1x8 Ultra HD HDMI Splitter. Distribute one ultra high definition source to multiple displays with the all new UH8-4K. Integrated with CE labs patented Cable retention bracket, the UH8-4K may be cascaded up to 8 layers deep, perfect for retail video wall displays. Supporting video resolutions up …

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The AdderLink LPV154T delivers HD quality digital signage video via x cable over distances of 150 meters. This digital signage extender is possibly the easiest to install point-to-point extender available today. By transmitting the power to the receiver via the cable it removes the need for extra power supplies and sockets at the screen.

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NTI''s video and audio extenders distribute the sharpest and clearest video quality over x or fiber optic cables of any manufacturer. Splitter / Extenders Broadcast up-to-the-minute information long distances to multiple displays and speakers in real-time with high resolution video signals along with digital audio signals.

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This video splitter is useful for older NTSC based video appliions. S-Video distribution amplifier units are available in 4 and 8 ports, with or without Audio. Another type, the DVI splitter enables up to sixteen DVI-D displays from a single DVI source with no compromise on image quality. This is ideal for digital signage appliions.

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20/5/2020· Features. APT-based Linux system; Multiple format casting; Multi-screen support; Content Scheduling; egorized content feeds; USP: Concerto has many smart options for content display, and makes it highly easy for users to engage with community meers through textual, graphical and video messages. Concerto is a free and open source digital signage software that can help organizations …

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Video walls are often used in digital signage when the user wants to create a larger display. This might be to garner more attention, to allow a bigger audience to interact with the screen (as shown in the Lenovo use case below), or to allow more room for content displays such …

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Our AV, multimedia and digital signage solutions provide you with the technology you need to set up high-performance AV distribution and digital signage systems. We''re your source for digital signage platforms and everything behind the screens. And we mean everything – AV splitters, extenders, switches, converters, scalers, enclosures, and more.

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11/9/2020· Datapath has introduced its IQS4, a one-in/four-out splitter for video walls. The device can power up to 96 displays for a video wall when paired with Datapath''s Image4K''s graphics card, according to a press release. With IQS4, users can extend 4K video signals to a video wall and split the signals without needing separate extenders.

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Effectively Splitting Digital and Analog Signals Multiple monitor audio/video configurations are becoming commonplace in modern day digital signage appliions. Digital signage appliions distribute an audio/video signal to two monitors or to hundreds of monitors. Some desktop

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Since 1985, SIIG Inc. has led the way in creating IT and AV connectivity solutions you can trust. Built on core values of professional integrity with customer satisfaction as the focus point, our company is committed to providing top-notch service, support, and product …