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Simple hotel signages to video walls, interactive kiosks, wayfinding boards, information displays, entertainment displays, and hotel assistive displays; today''s hospitality digital signage screens are a true reselance of the hotel’s brand value.

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Digital Lobby Signage Use digital lobby signage to replace static bulletin boards while adding visual appeal to your hotel’s decor. Impress your visitors with regularly updated content, news, or entertainment while they enter your lobby and check in.

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2013/12/10· The hotel needed a digital signage solution to address several challenges it had been facing: Situated at Calgary International Airport, most of Holiday Inn guests are frequent flyers. A system was required that could provide accurate, reliable and real time flights schedule info that could help travelers avoid disruptive flight delays.

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Digital signage in hospitality industry greatly increases your customer''s experience. Hotel digital signage & hotel wayfinding provides info, freeing staff An alternative to adding more work to your plate to maintain Digital Signage. We help you from the start all the way

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Placing digital signage in hotel elevators is great way to extend your branding strategy and for reputation management. You can show meus from the restaurants, promote loyalty programs, display special events or promotions, why not show your social …

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Digital Signage for Hotels The in-room entertainment plays a great deal in terms of a hotel environment because every hotel wants to make everybody feel at home. Except hotel traditional ways, digital signage is a effective way to inform and engage hotel guests, and it is a key component of a hotel

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Communiion is the key to success. How you communie to the guests at your hotel and resort matters. Our digital signage software and solutions are built to address communiion issues that hotels and resorts come across on a daily basis. Our solutions

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A hotel can use Digital Signage to advertise various services and special offers they offer direct to guests during their stay in the hotel. You will not be the only business who wants to advertise to your guests, local restaurants and tourist attractions will want to …

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2016/11/11· Digital signage has been in hotels for years. That’s if you count all those old TV screens in guest rooms that show room service prices when they’re left on standby… Only more recently has it featured more prominently in hotel lobbies. Now digital signage is here to

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Hotel Digital & Wayfinding Signage Solutions Digital signage can support your success in nearly every area of your business. It can help strengthen your brand, expand your marketing reach, and offer an improved experience for your guests. MDM Lodging has

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Bettering the guest experience is at the top of every hotel owner’s list. With the ever-changing needs of hotel guests, standard and interactive digital signage allows hotels to be as flexible and accommodating as possible. Content can be modified with the click of a

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2016/8/8· Hotel digital signage displays graphics, text and video on large television screens or monitors in your hotel lobby, conference center or anywhere else in your facility. Our eyes are naturally drawn to nearby monitors with movement and color so …

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Our hospitality digital signage solutions have been designed to help hotels solve many common communiion challenges. Empower guests to quickly loe the information there looking for and reduce overall guest wait times at the concierge. Hotel managers

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2020/1/29· Hotel digital signage solutions have a wide range of uses across various industries, but one of the industries it has gained the strongest foothold in is hospitality. Hotels and other hospitality services all share one thing in common: pleasing guests.

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Our hotel digital signage displays integrate with all media and support all formats including text, video, news feeds, websites and audio. This allows you to provide a wealth of information to visitors in an engaging and visually appealing manner. Our digital displays

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Digital Signage for hotel Improves your guest experience, upsell services and drive brand loyalty. You can show hotel amenities, Events and Wayfinding map in hotel reception area TV. While your hotel is equipped with nice interiors, exquisite services and well

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Major hotel brands are on the other end of that spectrum; a personalized digital experience is much more difficult to provide given the sheer scale of their operations. How can the large hotel brands create a more personalized hotel experience with digital signage

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Digital signage for hotels often involves a network of screens. Some of these might be area-specific displays where content can be tailored for specific areas of the hotel like restaurants, spas, lobbies, or the gym. Digital signage software allows you to deploy

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Digital signage can improve a guest’s visit in every area, all whilst ticking the box of the hotel being upscale and modern. Here are a few of the ways a digital signage display within hospitality could work very hard indeed.

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Digital Signage at your reception desk is a great way to tell your new clients what your customers are saying about your Hotel and services. You can display customer reviews and testimonials from Google reviews, Yelp, Facebook, and any other platform where customers are talking about the generosity of your Hotel.